Education, Dreams & Goddess Things

fantasy-2702997_1920Greetings my esteemed colleagues, family, friends and soon to be digital family and friends. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my new blog. I That said , my first order of business is to explain the topics that I will be discussing in the blog and discuss how they are related in the eyes of a Teaching Goddess.  First off, I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know me. In order to do this., it is important to know what moves me, or what stirs  the emotions within.  The topics listed above are exactly that. They are drivers of my very being.  They were the reason I was made; to educate, to dream and to embody Goddess things. Let’s begin with the first, topic shall we.

  1. Education

Education quote

Education is not only my  true love but it is my trade, my longtime career. I believe in education because  it is one of the key factors that can determine success and  make your dreams come true. No matter what your dreams are you need to be educated in a number of areas whether its education in the realm of academia, on the job education, self-improvement, or business knowledge… there is no way around learning. In order to progress we must possess new information, as it changes at the speed of light.  Someone once said “Knowledge is the new currency.” They are right. You are truly rich if you possess knowledge, but you are wealthy if use your knowledge for  good. I will use my knowledge to educate my followers on my areas  of which I have acquired knowledge. Topics will range from money making marketing strategies, branding,  business tools and more. I am simply sharing my knowledge and educating you in ways you can succeed in business. Simply put I  indicate you  on ways to earn money and continue to earn money in your business..  I will bring great information and resources  all in the name in name of education.

  1. Dreams

My Dreams poem

Anybody who knows me,  knows that I am a dream chaser, dream catcher and dream keeper.  I live my life to achieve my 25 dreams and I implore you to do the same. I will share the story of my 25 dreams in an upcoming  issue. In addition, I may share key insights  and mindsets necessary  to dream building; what it takes to live your dreams, or perhaps specific information, skills or tips that help get you closer to capturing your dreams.  For dreams are not meant for the  faint hearted.  As I learn, because I am a  life long learner, I will  share because knowledge is the new currency and education is the key to dreams realized.


  1. Goddess Things

Teaching Goddess acrostic

Lastly  I will talk about Goddess Things. Goddess Things are the knowledge and the light that we shed on  those  we touch. It is the community of dream giving. Goddesses are Givers Of Dreams. Through their teaching they give dreams and build dreamers. They are so powerful. They  are powerful enough to light the  fuse inside of learners. On the flip side, that same  power  can be used to dim that light. But we Goddesses are light makers.  We don’t dim lights, we want our learners to shine.  So I will share positive posts, quotes and boasts about being a God or Goddess, through my eyes.  Teaching Goddesses are my tribe. My Goddesses will be enlightened through positive inspirational quotes and phrases that add to, and never detract from, learning, love and  light.    This is all to come in the forthcoming  blog. So I hope you are looking forward, as am I.


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