3 Marketing Must Haves that Don’t Necessarily Equal Sales

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Marketing in the Digital Age requires some basic components that are a must. Although these components are a must, they don’t necessarily equal sales. Sometimes newbies are so excited to get that social media page going, or to get that website up and posted, but these  feelings can be premature and absent of sales success.  Here are 3 marketing must haves that don’t necessarily equal sales.



  1. Website – Websites are an absolute must in the Digital Age. Customers must have a place to go to  get more information about your you, product and services.  I’m sure that many , info and entrepreneurs, have experienced this hard  truth about website… THEY DO NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL SALES.  A website establishes  your presence, your existence in cyber world. But they will only get to your site with pointed efforts.

  2. Social Media – One of these pointed efforts are social media. Social media platforms are growing by the day. They should be used to support your business in addition to sharing your personal life. Here are some of the many platforms available.
    • Facebook  allows users to post text, images, videos, links to your site and more.  You can also join and post to interest based groups, which is a major benefit of Facebook. On the business side of Facebook the benefits of marketing with Facebook are beyond measure. (Not really, the benefits actually can be measured.)
    • Instagram — allows users  to post pictures and 1-minute videos. Users are not able to use links in a post and will have to direct followers to their  bio which  is where  users  can place a link.  Posting on Instagram allows you to post on multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all at the same time. That’s a beautiful perky perky.
    • Pinterest  allows users to build boards and post images that link back to your store for sales. You can also install popup forms related to your images. I like this a lot. It’s a great way to get your images, or blog  covers and titles on the web in the Google search engines.
    • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a more professional site where you want to post articles and other intellectual post.  This is a great place to establish yourself as an expert.
    • Tumblr – I don’t have a large following on Tumblr, or any sites for that matter.  I only have an account because Instagram directly posts to Tumblr. I’ve never gone to Tumblr independently and posted. It has always been through Instagram.One great thing  that happened  as a result of posting on Tumblr, is that someone saw it and wrote an article about my professional development product line.
    • Google+- I have an account. I don’t use it at all and I don’t have much to say about it for that very reason.
    • Twitter allows users to post images and short posts. These post must be fewer than 140 characters. I  have a Twitter  account but again  I never post directly on Twitter. My posts are always made via Instagram. They say its a great place to be but I don’t nurture this environment.
    • SnapChat  allows you to post temporary pics and vids. One great thing bout Snap Chat is they have the cutest filters and  filters make for such magical fun. These can be great to add some personality, a little humanity  to your business and post on other platforms.
    • YouTube and. Vimeo – These  two platforms allow users to post videos.  The possibilities with these options are abundant. You could do some training, tutorials, commercials, trailers, scenes from a book, slideshows and more.

There are more platforms but I will stop there. You don’t have to be on each of these platforms, but you should find a few that are easy to use and navigate  in every way. As I stated earlier, I like Instagram because of its interface that allows you to post  to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all at the same time. That’s a 4 for 1, totally unheard of. At least is is for me.

So when you are sharing Summer fun, travel adventure and family frolicking on social media,  don’t forget to gently nudge visitors over to your site.   Be sneaky and savvy for the sake of sales. That’s tongue twister. Hey!!!

3. Blog – Our third and final must have that does not necessarily equal sales is your blog.  A blog is a web log. Bloggers literally log information about their lives, their travels, their business, etc. Your blog helps to establish you as an expert in your field.  Again this does not automatically bring sales but it can, as for the other platforms as well.

The bottom line here is that a web presence is a must but if you  are not using social media to point  traffic back to your site, then sales will not be made. It’s important to use your social media to get traffic back to your sight.

That’s all folks.

Talk to you soon.


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