6 Benefits of Book Creation

6 Benefits of Book Creation

fantasy-2995326_1920Now that we are in the information age, many info-preneurs are interested in distributing information and content via blogs, tweets, texts, facebook posts, Instagram, LinkedIn posts, You Tube videos and more. But there are some infopreneurs, the brave, that take on the charge of distributing their information in a book.

Although, one book is not likely to make you rich there are many benefits of authoring a book. If you have created a book you are in an elite group of people. Many people are not willing to get the information necessary to create such a magnificent feat. Book creation involves multiple steps. One must have an idea, research the idea, create the idea, protect the idea, know the process of the idea, package the idea, market the idea all before a single dollar can be made. But if you do this here are some of the benefits.

1.Expert Status – One of the biggest benefits is the establishment of self as an expert in a specific field. This lends itself to being invited onto talk shows, blogs and podcasts and more.

2.Published Author Status – As an individual who has authored a book, you now have the clout and the privilege to say you are a published author. This means you went through a grueling process at times, in order to birth this new baby. And for this you are seen as a published author.


3.Legacy – Long after you are gone your legacy lives on. This is your proof of life. If anyone wanted proof that you were once here on this earth, a book written and created by you that someone can touch with their bare hands is surely proof. This is something both you and your offsprings can be proud of for many years to come.


4. Business Awareness– For many a book is a compliment to a service or a second product that is offered. A book can raise awareness of you your company, your brand and your business. A book can get you more business and it can also be the business. And like I said earlier, eventhough it alone most likely won’t make you rich it can definitely add to your brand visibility.

5. Respect and Admiration – As you promote your book and share your book with people, they see begin to see you through a different lense. They value and respect you because you have become apart of the elite group of authors. People become enamored with the process you went through, your thoughts and your ability to task this task to completion.



6. Income Stream – Your book is an additional income stream. As much as you can and as often as you can create and promote your books, it’s a constant stream of income if you constantly market it. Whenever you create a product it is an additional stream of income.

So if you were thinking about writing a book I hope these 6 benefits helped you decide.

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6 Benefits of Book Creation
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