4 Structures To Quickly Write Your Book

Have you been thinking about authoring a book? Was there an experience, event, or  process  that took place in your life that you want to tell the world about?  Or do you just want to write a book, but don’t know what to write about?  Are you on the verge of doing it, but you just don’t know how to get started?  I know the feeling, not only for writing a book but for any endeavor  I embark upon in life. I can not move forward unless I have an idea of how to move forward. But knowing how to move forward can be difficult if you don’t know how to move forward. (Seemingly tongue twisting)  You know what they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Back to the books. I   am not longwinded person. I don’t talk a whole lot. I listen. And since I my speaking is not longwinded neither is my writing. I like to get straight to the point and keep my  written works to under 100 pages. Although,  I do believe in quality, but I feel really good about quantity. That said, I would like to provide a few simple  ways  to help you  structure your book so that you can kick that thing  out ASAP.

  1. The How To Book – The how-to book is usually created by an individual who has done something, knows how to do it well and wants to share it with others.  These how-to books are everywhere. S

Screenshot 2017-12-27 22.32.44

  •  How to Write, Sell and Market your Book.
  • How to Live a Happy Life
  • How to Lose Weight and Feel Great

These books are great for new authors. They are simple and non-complex. You simply simply list the process, explain each step, provide examples and anecdotal stories along the way and Voila!

2.   The ABC  Book. – The ABC book is exactly how it sounds. The author chooses a specific topic to write about . Each characteristic of the topic will begin with each of  the  letters of the alphabet.  There are ABC books for adults in most every industry.  These books are usually picture books.

Screenshot 2017-12-27 22.35.08

Here are a few

  • ABC of Lung Cancer –  This book provides information on lung cancer.
  • Amelia to Zora: Twenty Six Women Who Changed the World -This book highlights important women throughout history.
  • A is for Salad – This is twisted way of teaching students their alphabets. Students are challenged to figure  the truth of what they are hearing.

These A to Z books can be people, characteristics, food, ideas, tips. It all depends on your topic. You can make an A to Z book for just about anything

3. List Book –  The list is another book. It is simple a list. Most times the list are numbered. For example,

Screenshot 2017-12-27 22.34.15

  • 25 Simple Tricks to lose weight
  • 50 Tips that improve memory
  • 40 hacks for SEO optimization

These are quick and dirty or slow and  clean. However you want to go about it. Research is involved to compile your list, as with all type of writing. Choose a topic that you have knowledge of,  that you doesn’t  need to too research   and make it useful to the reader.

4. Book of quotes and sayings – Lastly, you can make a book of quotes. This is real easy. It’s for many reasons. It doesn’t involve a lot of writing AND, the writing does not have to be your writing.  You can literally use a bunch of quotes spoken by other people.  Just decide on a topic that your quotes will focus on.  You can simply have a short book with one quote on each page and lines for writing, so that people can journal alongside the quotes.

So I hope this gives you some ideas on developing  a quick short book.  Start this journey by listing   topics that you are familiar with, perhaps your areas of study, your industry, your hobbies or  your interests.  Decide on type of book and begin the research process collecting bits and pieces and places them in an online folder like Evernote or Dropbox.

That’s it for now enjoy!!! That’s it for now.

Until next time. Peace, Blessings and Progress!!!


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