The DNA of a Manuscript: Part 2 The Body

pexels-photo-273222.jpegNow that you have learned about the front matter of the book, lets take a look at the  liquid DNA  that pumps the blood through the manuscript…the body.  For most authors, the main body may be the easiest to write. The front matter and the back matter can be a bit daunting at times.

When structuring the body of your work, consider which organizational structure works best for the content you are delivering. If you have not read my blog post on book structures, jump on over to that post and get a little insight on different types of structures for your book.

The Body
Now that the front of your book is in order, let’s move on to the next part of your book. The body of your book is the  main textual portion of the book, or a book component such as a chapter, that conveys the content.


An introduction  which is different from the preface talks specifically about the books purpose, goals and perhaps how the book works.


A prologue opens the story and provides  background and setting of the story. The prologue will usually come before the  first chapter.

Introduction: specifically in non-fiction.
Parts and chapters: a time-tested system for splitting books into manageable pieces.
Sometimes the body matter will end with a conclusion, which commonly exist in a few forms:

Body, Parts  or Chapters:

This refers to the text of the book, which is usually broken down into chronologically numbered and named elements called Chapters.

In nonfiction books each chapter may be divided into sub-titled segments which may be included in the TOC.

In both fiction and nonfiction, chapters might be grouped together and labeled as Part 1, Part 2, etc.

Conclusion: most often found in non-fiction books.

A conclusion can come in the form of an epilogue or afterword. To read more about epilogue and afterword, visit the blog post  on back matter which is the next post which will end the this series on The DNA of a manuscript.

As always if you need some assistance with your publishing journey please contact us for assistance.  Until next time!!! Peace, blessings and progress.


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